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Have you already got familiar with HEO? If not, get ready to do so in the near future as the new term is getting more relevant each day.
So after SEO, we’ve now got HEO to focus on and deal with as well. It means Human Eye Optimization and is all about making content human eye friendly. When you find it easy to go through the content, you are more likely to stay longer with it.

How to have great HEO?
Lists are an amazing way to attract and keep visitors. A human eye can scan the content easily and conveniently and the person can decide with no effort if they want to stay with the content and even subscribe.

Formatting is another valuable tool, just don’t go overboard. Adding bold and italic formatting can help the content a lot; yet if there is too much of it, the end result will be far from what you were looking for. A hard to read and confusing piece of content is not going to do any good.
Titles will captivate or ward off your readers. Keep your titles attractive and relevant to make sure the first thing happens. If you opt for adding those that just sound great, but actually have nothing to do with the story, you risk having far more damage than benefits from such an act.
Subtitles are also very helpful as they make the story more readable and attractive at first glance. They help you “convince” the reader to spend some more time on your webpage.
Images will add up to the overall impression in a few ways. They are attractive content themselves and will also make your writing more convenient for human eyes. Just make sure you choose images that complement the story in the right way.

What not to do by any chances?
The rule of thumb is simple – don’t overdo it.
It’s actually quite easy to mess up here. If you get overly excited about formatting, try to add some “cool” flash animations or opt for anything at all that will distract the visitor. HEO means making the content easier to read and more convenient to the person reading it, not the other way around.

What about SEO then?
If you now wonder whether you should go for SEO or HEO, you’re not on the right path. SEO and HEO go hand in hand. Search engine optimization also calls for titles, subtitles, images and formatting, but requires some more work as well to have your content fully optimized. The ultimate goal is the same, to have the content that attracts real people and has them stay for a while. When all is done right, that is exactly what gets to be the end result. 
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